Are referrals needed to see a podiatrist at Vancouver Foot & Ankle Clinic?

No. Referrals are not needed, but they are always appreciated. Appointments can easily be made online as well as by phone.

Is my visit covered by MSP?

Select Podiatric services are partially funded by MSP. The patient is responsible to pay the total portion of the cost of the treatment not covered by MSP at the time of service. If you have any questions about your financial responsibility, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you have a third party carrier "extended benefits" then you may have Podiatry, orthotic, bracing, drug coverage as part of your plan.  It is always a good idea to check your coverage prior to your visit.

Do you direct bill?

No. In fact most, if not all Podiatric Surgeons in Canada don't.  Most insurance company plans do not permit the direct billing of fees from Podiatrists. 

Do we perform surgery?

Yes, our Surgeons are trained in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery and have performed thousands of procedures. Procedures can take place in the office or in an operating room depending on the procedure being performed.  Further, our surgeons perform revisional surgery (fix surgical mistakes)on patients from all over the world.  There are several surgical procedures we perform that are only performed by a few surgeons in Canada.

Does Vancouver Foot & Ankle Clinic offer orthotics?

Yes. We will perform a comprehensive gait evaluation and biomechanical exam in conjunction to casting your foot to obtain an accurate mold of your feet. Custom foot orthotics will then be fabricated to best suit your needs.  We make a physical cast of your feet and our process of fabricating orthotics is hand made from start to finish.

Why is our waitlist so long?

We never want to keep patients waiting.  We try our best to see everyone in a timely manner.  Every patient that is scheduled is triaged based on medical urgency.  Due to the level of training of our surgeons and the variety of procedures we perform the number of patients that see us from around the globe can lead to increased wait times.

Do you manage patients with diabetes?

Yes. It is very important for patients with diabetes to have their feet checked regularly by a Podiatrist for their management and/or prevention of foot-related problems.  Our diabetic foot care services are comprehensive including routine care, wound care, infection management as well as surgical debridements, amputations and limb salvage.

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