Big Toe Pain / Bunions

There are many different causes of big toe pain, including bunions, arthritis, fractures and inflammation to the surrounding soft tissues amongst others. Some of these may be precipitated from a sports injury or simply from wearing tight or incorrect fitting shoes. Big toe pain can even occur as your body compensates for another deformity or mal-alignment elsewhere in your lower extremity.

Non surgical treatment options are available and often successful.  Orthotics, steroid injections, joint fluid replacement are just a few options available. 

Bunion and big toe joint surgery can be a valid treatment option for many patients who have bunions and other pathology around this area of the foot.  In most cases you are able to stand and walk the same day of the surgery.  It is important to remember that each patient must be evaluated on a case by case basis.  There are dozens of different bunion procedures and one specific bunion procedure can not be used to treat every patient. 

As there are many different causes to big toe pain, be sure to see our foot and ankle specialists for a full work up and to determine the best personalized treatment for your feet.

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